Saturday, 13 October 2012

Blogging from 37,000 feet - next stop tribewanted SL

It has been a strange few days leading up to my departure, forgetting about the knee operation, I’ve been overcome with all sorts of doubts, concerns and emotions. Some of which are pretty new, until now I have been fairly good at taking things as they come. My inner voice sounds a little like this: ‘what the hell am I doing?’ giving up a well paid job…to volunteer in a country that might just be better off left to its own devices. It seems, on top of everything I’ve grown quite cynical recently as well. All of these thoughts have caused me to really look inside and figure out what exactly is driving me, and what it is I want. While I’m still not ready to put into words exactly what and where I want to focus and concentrate my energies I do know what values are driving me. Here is how I see things: It’s pure chance that I have been born into a society that boasts a developed and mature heath care and education system, an infrastructure that affords the majority of people the opportunity to live, thrive, grow and develop. As I myself have done absolutely nothing at all to deserve these privileges I consider myself extremely lucky and it feels only natural that I want to learn more about how I can help reduce the suffering/increase the welfare in the less developed and privileged areas of the world. It is humbling to learn more and make the connections between the two very contrasting worlds that exist. Especially considering the interdependencies, for instance how much our daily lives in places like Europe are dependent on sourcing resources from places like Sierra Leone for our mobile phones, computers, cars, jewellery, construction etc.

With that in mind I am faced with an exciting prospect that I hope this new venture and adventure will shine some light on. How can I turn my curiosity and passion into a profession or business that will allow me to build and sustain a good life while living in alignment with my beliefs and values…. Exciting times are a here and something tells me that there is much more to come in the next few months. I am already inspired from the brief conversations with Ben and Susie during my 12 hour lay over in London. Being around proactive, likeminded people is as reassuring as it is interesting and I am sure tribewanted is going to be a melting pot of adventurous, conscientious, motivated team members and visitors. More to come….

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care Ena